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Ayurveda Business Lifestyle Design

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

With Bill Hershey

“Ayurveda Business and Lifestyle Design”

Listen Up CAAM Members!! As you may know CAAM has partnered with Bill Hershey to host an amazing business course, as we are midway through the course there have been some groundbreaking experiences for the participants, so far the course has already covered, marketing strategies, discovering your niche, how to identify your demographics, and most importantly how to create a business and financial plan. Many received clarity and most importantly thinking outside the box and giving themselves permission in their business.

There has been lots of participant engagement as well as content engagement. Bill has proven to be an amazing Ayurveda Business coach and has provided his class with the tools they need to be successful in their Ayurveda Practice. Are you practicing part time and would like to go full time? Are you full time and would like to take your business to the next level?

There's no need to worry because CAAM will be offering this opportunity to you again to participate in Bill Hershey’s 4 month “Ayurveda Business Lifestyle Design” program. We’re in a season that’s shifting towards integrative medicine and it's time for the Ayurveda community to come together and make our mark in the world, so let's take advantage of this great opportunity when CAAM offers it again.

It's time to be seen and heard so let us take part and grab the tools we need to implement in our Ayurveda business so we can lay a solid foundation and build a strong successful business for ourselves and the future generations.

Remember ! you are the unified authority. It all begins and ends with you. Only you can decide whether you will be successful because only you know what success means to you. This opportunity will allow you to network with other like minded Ayurveda Professionals and learn how we can grow our business together. Time to strategize and implement action.

To stay informed about the next “Ayurveda Business Lifestyle Design” with Bill Hershey, email:

Note: you must be a CAAM member to take advantage of this great opportunity.

To become a member join here:

Membership annual rates:

Students: $25, Counselor: $49, Practitioner and above: $99

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