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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Exciting News!! You still have time to apply as a CAAM Board Member!

Let your voice make a difference!

Due to unforeseen circumstances CAAM did not conduct elections as announced in February. We have postponed it until June. However, we have so many exciting things developing in the organization, and this is an excellent time to be part of your organization that promises to bring change and development in the field of Ayurveda. There is still time to apply!

Do not wait further and apply before May 12th 2023. Make a difference to the profession you are passionate about, by volunteering to work as a CAAM Board Member!

As many of you may be aware, CAAM has been having a resurgence and we are now opening the Board to have Elections so that new blood can come in and help us take CAAM to its next levels!

The California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM) is an Ayurveda based Community that is inclusive and serves to support and spread Ayurveda in California. CAAM Board is the premier leadership body in California that creates an environment to promote and protect the advancement of the Ayurvedic Profession. Service on the CAAM Board involves passion, communication, commitment, and strategic vision, as well as personal and organizational contributions. Although time commitments can vary as per projects, we request you have an average of 5 hours per week available.

Successful candidates are those dedicated to working with others as a team in order to achieve CAAM’s mission

We invite you to join us and be part of this paradigm shift. In this capacity, we connect to a global community of practitioners, students and teachers of this living wisdom.

2023 Election Criteria:

1. Alignment with CAAM’s vision, mission and goals.

2. Requirement of any applicant to be a CAAM member in good standing.

3. 3/4th of the Board Membership should be California Residents and all of them must be legal residents of the United States Of America.

4. Commitment of an average of 5 hours of CAAM work per week or as required for any project being worked on. Some weeks none at all.

5. Requirement of 2 years of experience in the Ayurvedic field as a clinician, practitioner, educator, administrator or any other specific skills that would benefit CAAM committees.

6. Should not be convicted of any felony or should not have breached any duty or have any legal actions taken against the applicant professionally.

7. Must be a CAAM member

8. If you serve on the Board of another Ayurveda Professional Organization, in order to avoid conflict of interest, you will not be eligible to apply to serve on the CAAM Board


If you are interested or know someone who would be a good fit, please fill out the attached application with the following information

1. Photo

2. First name and last name

3. Email address and phone number

4. Mailing Address

5. Short description of your background

6. Short description (250 words maximum) on why you want to serve on CAAM Board

a. Please include a Bio/resume of your specialties.

b. If you have a particular skill you want to offer through CAAM, such as administrative, or Marketing, legal, tech etc, please send us details regarding those as well.

Please send the above all together to:

Once the Election Committee accepts your application, your name will be added to CAAM's list of candidates for the open seats on the Board of Directors.

We are excited to welcome you to participate and make a difference in the Ayurveda Profession. Should you have any questions, please contact CAAM's Election Committee Chair Manju Kolli at 408-375-5789

Please send us this application/information to before May 12th 2023.

Thank you for supporting CAAM. Let us all join hands to further grow our Ayurvedic Profession in California!

Manju Kolli

Chair of CAAM Election Committee.

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