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Quick Self Care Self Care Tips !!!

Feeling like things are out of control, endless demands pulling at you from every which way, how about feeling overwhelmed, fatigue just plain out right stressed out, maybe you thought about throwing in the towel once or twice.

We can actually balance our lives without massive changes, true balance starts within you first.

Here are 3 simple tips to begin building a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Quiet Time

One of the first things we tend to sacrifice when we're

busy is our personal time. Instead we devote all of our

energy and attention to caring for others, multi-tasking,

meeting responsibilities and "being productive."

Over time this depletes our energy and we begin

to feel more and more burdened by our responsibilities.

To live a more balanced life, quiet time to yourself is CRUCIAL. Practitioners know this, but to all, this is a supportive reminder;

You may believe that you don't have any time available for yourself, but something amazing happens when you consistently MAKE time; you find yourself feeling happier and more energetic, your focus improves and you still get plenty done!


Beyond making time for things you enjoy, there are other

ways to nurture and love yourself on a daily basis. Getting a

full 8 hours of sleep (or as much as you personally need) is a great start, as well as eating nutritious food, exercising daily and speaking kindly to yourself.

Have you ever noticed that when you're really tired

or stressed, even the smallest problem can seem like

a nightmare? On the other hand, when you're feeling

well-rested and centered, you're much better able to

handle upsets. Caring for yourself is one sure way

to consistently replenish your energy, inner peace

and joy - which means you'll have the strength

to handle whatever comes your way.


Did you know that one of the biggest causes

Is stress rigid expectations? We all do it from

time to time; get a mental picture of how our lives

"should be" - and get really annoyed when our outer

circumstances don't cooperate! One of the biggest

gifts you can give yourself is a flexible state of mind.

In other words, learn how to detach from unrealistic

expectations and go with the flow.

When you have a flexible mind-set, you're able to deal

with crises and problems much more easily because you're not working against a preconceived notion of how things "should be".

You're able to tap into your creative problem-solving skills

and move through challenges without all the drama and frustration

Take 5 minutes of non-negotiable time everyday, Take off all the hats you wear: parent, friend, sibling, employee, employer, caretaker and be a free spirit in your body and just breathe your wellness in.

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