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September Chai with CAAM

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

“Trauma Informed Care in Your Ayurvedic Practice.”

Presented by Anjali Deva AP

On Sept.19th 2022, Chai with CAAM treated us to an exceptional presentation by Anjali Deva “Trauma Informed Care in Your Ayurvedic Practice.” Founder of “Madhya Way Ayurveda”in So. California, Anjali graciously shared her expertise. She shared how to spot trauma and where trauma results from. Recognizing that trauma occurs when one's capacity to cope has been overwhelmed, Anjali also discussed the different types of trauma such as chronic, complex, shock and systemic trauma as well as each type's causes and where it lives.

As Practitioners we must meet our clients where they are, by using understanding of trauma as an anchor of compassion. We need to recognize the symptoms of trauma, for instance cognitive, physical, behavioral and psychological, also during consultations or bodywork. So we must go slow, be attuned and ask questions.!

Attendees found her talk very informative and engaging.

Anjali Deva can be reached at

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Our next guest on Oct 17th 2022 is Mamta Landerman CAS.

Her presentation is: “Introduction to the Foundational Pillars of Jyotish/Vedic Astrology and its relation to Ayurveda”. The dance between the Microcosm in a Human and the Forces in the Universe known as the Macrocosm. If you have always wondered about this subject and wanted to explore more, this is a great place to start!

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