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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Dear Future Ayurveda Practitioners:

Hope you are having a wonderful spring so far. CAAM’s mission is to protect, promote, preserve, and integrate the principles of Ayurveda through exceptional educational and practical programs.

There has been tremendous growth in the Ayurveda profession and practice in the past several years. The time has arrived to provide Ayurveda to as many people as possible.

We here at CAAM are continuously striving to enhance your educational and practical experience. We have started some exciting programs that you as Student Members can attend. we also want your input as to what YOU need and how CAAM can assist you.

To fulfill this mission, we would like to set up a special time with just our student members to meet and hear your thoughts. This will provide a proper platform for us to come up with innovative ideas that can help with your growth in the profession we all love.

Make the dreams you always wanted into reality and CAAM will support you to its best ability.

This is the proposed date and time to meet online.

May 10th at 3 pm PST

Warm Regards,

Manju Kolli

Student Committee Chair


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