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What is Unique about this MalPractice Insurance?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Chai with CAAM, our monthly webinar series designed to guide and support Ayurveda Professionals in their Practices, recently featured Malpractice Insurance for Ayurveda Professionals.

A first of its kind of Ayurvedic Malpractice Insurance Policy in the US!

Most Malpractice Insurance Policies for Ayurveda are really massage policies that include Ayurveda. CAAM has worked with one of the largest Insurance companies for Alternative Healthcare, to cover Ayurveda.


  • You do not need a separate policy for sexual abuse

  • You no longer need a separate policy for ehealth, its included!

  • Massage (as long as you are licensed or meets your state requirements), is included!

  • If you hold another license like acupuncture, or massage, you pay for the greater and for $25 you can get covered with an Ayurveda Policy!

Why do you need Malpractice Insurance?

Ayurveda is growing in the US as a credible Healthcare profession, it has more exposure and therefore more risk. The Professional needs to protect themselves, while also protecting the Profession by practicing within their Scope of Practice.

In the event of being sued one might consider these conditions.

  • Did the Ayurvedic Professional display gross negligence, ie doing something that no other competent practitioner in your field would do.

  • Did the Professional’s negligence cause an injury?

  • Did the injury lead to specific damages, physical, mental, or monetary?

  • Was there Patient dissatisfaction based on the Ayurvedic Professional’s lack of thorough communication with the patient?

  • Was there sufficient disclosure to the Patient about the level of training and expertise of the Ayurvedic professional?

  • Did the Professional treat disease or try to take the patient off prescribed medicine?

  • Did the Professional use western diagnosis to treat the patient or did they stick to Ayurvedic diagnosis etc.

Be mindful and do your due diligence. And remember you will be held to the highest standard care.

  • Acts of omission

  • Documentation- mandatory SOAP notes

  • Informed consent

  • Recording each Client Contact Meeting

It’s so very important that as Ayurvedic Practitioners we develop an increasingly strong communication between ourselves and our patients, for we are in a world that has evolved into a patient centered care, as it should be. At the same time, the Professional has to protect themselves as we also live in a litigious society and even with the best of intentions, sometimes things can go wrong.

The Benefits of Being Insured:

Legal representation

Sexual harassment is covered


The policy covers you in the event you must travel to see a client in other areas including other states as long as you are following the laws of the State you are practicing in.

What is covered are Ayurvedic Practices such as: ayurvedic diagnosis, ayurvedic recommendations ( please inquire about specifics in protocols). ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, yoga ,meditation massage therapy and bodywork, also herbs and herbal formulations for your clients etc. Please read the Policy for what is covered and what is not. All Protocols need to be compliant with Federal, state and local County Law Requirements as well as Senate Bill577.

Please NOTE: In order to benefit CAAM Professional Members to get the best coverage policy currently at a discounted rate, CAAM has worked with The Insurance Company, and made suggestions so the coverage could be expanded as mentioned above. However, CAAM is in no way connected or affiliated in any way with the Insurance Company or policy directly. CAAM is in no way involved or liable for any acceptances, rejections or use of, or application and outcome of the insurance policy. All agreements are strictly at the sole discretion and judgment of the two Parties concerned: The Ayurveda Professional buying the policy and the Insurance company providing the policy and insurance services. Should you have any questions, please consult The Insurance Agent or your Attorney directly.

How to get the Policy?

  • This Policy is open to all CAAM Members at a discounted rate.

  • You will be sent a link to get insurance once you are a member.

  • If you are already a Member it should be in your introductory Welcome Package.

  • Insurance Rates will differ according to the coverage of disciplines you choose, eg Ayurveda, Massage, etc.

CAAM Annual Membership Rates:

Students: $25, Counselors: $49, and Practitioners: $99

Join Now! To become a CAAM Member from any state click here:

Already a Member? To get Malpractice Insurance, sign in and go to professional tabs

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