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“What’s exciting about Volunteering for CAAM?”

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Join CAAM’s community of volunteers and make a difference in the Ayurveda Profession! When you Volunteer 2-5 hours a week to CAAM, you donate your time and talent, in person or from home- to improve the lives of our Ayurveda Professional Community.

Whatever causes speak to you, Whatever skills or interest you have, you can find a volunteer opportunity that makes an impact by joining CAAM.

CAAM’s volunteers are skilled, dedicated and very passionate about Ayurveda, giving back to the community and helping the community live a holistic wellness lifestyle. When you join CAAM’s family you will be provided the support you need to make a difference, and make new connections and have fun at the same time.

If you are interested in joining the team please click the link below.

Here’s what one of our CAAM volunteer’s are saying about their experience as a CAAM volunteer!!

“I had completed my Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program with Kerala Ayurveda Academy in the year 2021, while working full time with a startup in Bioelectronics. The company shut down in the US and I had more time on my hands to work. The choice was to work in my field of electronics or move into Ayurvedic Sciences, I chose the latter. I wanted to spread the word of Ayurveda in the world and CAAM is a non-profit organization that I was quite familiar with over the years.

I have learnt that no matter your years of experience or educational background, you are still a work in progress. You are a perpetual student, picking the ropes of an organization. I have gained a lot by being in the association of like minded people with the community health and healing in mind.

I like the marketing aspect of my volunteerism with CAAM right now. I created CAAM in LinkedIn and Twitter, for the world to know us and become part of us in sharing the power of health and

healing. I get very excited when I see the membership in LinkedIn increasing and it is heartening to know more people who genuinely have the goal of spreading Ayurveda like I do.”


Vijay (Jaya) Chowdhury

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