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Why is Ayurveda Day Celebrated?

Many practice yoga, but few in the west know that Ayurveda must precede transcendence of the body through yoga.

A person’s individual uniqueness determines the right fit for therapeutic yoga practice. This is done using the opposite principles:

  • Softer, larger persons will want to invigorate sluggish dispositions.

  • Mesomorphic, A-types will want to open the solar plexus and balance the natural fire with a mindful and playful practice.

  • More stressed out, fragile people will benefit from slow, grounded, yin practices including forward folding.

Significance Of Ayurveda Day

Ayurveda Day can be seen as a birthday celebration for Ayurveda! This will be a very special Birthday Party. It is one that offers many gifts!

This very special day is called DhanTeras. Teras means 13. It is the thirteenth day of the waning Moon, two days before the Festival of Lights, Diwali, which always falls on the New Moon.

Lord Dhanvantari:

Dhan Teras honors Lord Dhanvantari hence it has been proclaimed as Ayurveda Day. In the Creation myth in India, the great Ocean where the Earth of the previous age had sunk below and had to be pulled up again. The dark and light Forges had to join to churn the Ocean. The first thing to emerge were the undigested toxins of the previous times that were swallowed by Shiva so they would not pollute and inhibit the current life.

In the process of churning what followed were several gifts to humanity. Finally the most refined being that emerged was Lord Dhanvantari carrying the elixir (Amrit) of life and the knowledge of Ayurveda with its universal principles for humans to enjoy the true wealth in life, which is health and longevity to fulfill their destiny.

On this day in India everyone buys new clothes, kitchen utensils, and some ornament of gold. Dhan means wealth. Diwali in India is as big as Christmas is here, celebrated for five days.

International Ayurveda Day

Dhan Teras which is the birthday of Dhanvantari has been declared as “International Ayurveda Day”. It is a great day to seed and spread the message of Ayurveda in our communities. We at CAAM are reaching out to the public on this occasion. During a time when so many seek answers and there are too many broad based prescriptives available that usually address symptoms, not causation, and are offered as if we are all the same, Ayurveda Day is especially timely.


CAAM is holding a Free Conference to spread the concepts of Ayurveda! Practitioners, Students and our Communities are all invited!

Sunday October 23rd 1-5pm PDT California

The Theme is Rejuvenation. Experienced Teachers and Practitioners will be teaching on various topics . Students and Practitioners can learn how to spread the word to their own clients by watching experts do it. Please invite your yoga friends, office friends, family members that you feel would benefit, to attend. Registration is FREE. They will leave with a wealth of knowledge and home practices that are rejuvenating in these stressful times!


If you cannot attend live, Recordings of the Conference will be available for a nominal cost of $25.

Our hope is that Ayurvedic tools of empowerment through self knowledge and expanded consciousness become available to all.

Invite your communities and let’s celebrate!


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