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Why you should become a CAAM Member!!!

CAAM unites Ayurvedic professionals, institutions, and enthusiasts across the USA!

Let’s join together to educate and promote the power of Ayurveda.

JOIN CAAM to meet, learn, interact, exchange, share and grow with like-minded people who are passionate about AYURVEDA and have been contributing in their own way to all mankind.

CAAM Helps you to learn how to work IN your Practice as well as ON your Practice with building Business, Marketing and Financial Skills and is an amazing organization to educate ONESELF to lead an Ayurvedic Lifestyle!

CAAM also offers different levels of Membership at a nominal annual fee and I can assure you that it is the BEST investment of your life.

Here's what one of our members says about being a member with CAAM.

I had been enjoying the free CHAI with CAAM webinars and then got inspired to join as a full CAAM member for the enrollment discount in the Ayurveda Lifestyle Business Design program this summer. If CAAM offers the program again, I highly recommend it to other Ayurveda entrepreneurs as I have gained business knowledge, skills, tools, resources, and connections that are actually aligned with my personal and professional values.

By being a CAAM member, the initial benefits I've gained were special discounts and first access to CAAM events, conferences, mal-practice insurance, and programs. More holistically, I've gained connections and relationships to many amazing people and professionals in the expanding discipline of Ayurveda, who inspire and support me regularly now. I also love how CAAM offers these benefits, besides voting, to our Ayurveda colleagues out of state. It has felt good to bring in some of my friends and colleagues to share these benefits CAAM is providing.

I'd say my expectations as a CAAM member would be to have Ayurveda leaders to look up to and be supported by. What I mean by that is, knowing the CAAM leaders are not only bringing together great content with their events to help me grow professionally, or providing financial discounts to members like me which are nice, but what I am really excited about is being a member of CAAM that has a history of advocacy for preserving, protecting, and promoting Ayurveda in the state of California and the USA at large. At times there is legal advocacy that the state level organization, like CAAM, can do, that national organizations can't. I love that Mamta and the Board have a history of being some of those leaders for Ayurveda, and I confidently expect that to continue going forward. “


Kyle :-)

To Join CAAM and become a member go to the link below!!

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