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New Growth
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CAAM exists to establish and grow Ayurveda as an independent profession. We recognize it is a comprehensive healthcare practice that honors the interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit in harmony with the natural rhythms in Nature.

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CAAM’s mission is to be the leading source of advancement for the Profession of Ayurveda in California by increasing public awareness, facilitating interaction, providing exceptional education, advancing industry research, and representing the profession at political and legal forums. 

Wild Path
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Tangerine Arches
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+ Foster public awareness of Ayurveda.

+ Develop a sustainable unified Ayurveda Community.

+ Be a resource for Ayurveda to the residents of California.


+ Provide a unified voice for the advancement of the Ayurveda Profession.


+ Develop the Scope of Practice for each level of the Ayurveda Profession.

+ Create the standardization of Ayurveda Education in California.


+ Encourage continuing education of Professionals by establishing high standards of CEU requirements for CAAM Professional Members.

+ Establish a Code of Ethical Standards for the practice of Ayurveda in California. 

+ Be a resource to get Malpractice Insurance for CAAM Professional Members.

+ Advocate for the creation of a California state-approved license for the practice of  Ayurveda.

+ Support Industry research.

+ Establish regular communication with Ayurveda Professionals through newsletters, journals, special events and digital media. 

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