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CAAM enlists all of the California state approved and state exempt schools providing Ayurveda education in state of California.

These schools provide Ayurveda education which may or may not meet CAAM’S standards to certify Ayurvedic Health Counselors and Ayurveda Practitioners. These institutions provide Ayurveda education with different levels of training and hours. Kindly read their niche offerings in detail to make an informed decision for your next steps in the world of Ayurveda.

Disclaimer: A listing here doesn’t mean that the school is a CAAM approved educational institution member. 

Institutes are listed in alphabetical order and CAAM does not show any preference.

California College of Ayurveda


California College of Ayurveda

Founded in 1995 by Dr. Marc Halpern, The California College of Ayurveda is the oldest school of Ayurvedic Medicine in the United States. Our mission is to provide the highest-quality education, healthcare, and research in the field of Ayurveda. We train our students to become Ayurvedic Health Counselors, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, and Ayurvedic Doctors.

Contact for Academic Programs:  


Kerala Ayurveda Academy


Kerala Ayurveda Academy is part of Kerala Ayurveda Limited, established as an apothecary in 1945 in Kerala, India and offering a full spectrum of Ayurvedic services and products today. Since 2006, the U.S. Academy has offered professional training in authentic Ayurveda. Classes are held at the Academy & Wellness Center in Milpitas, CA as well as online. Programs include NAMA-approved continued education programs, state-approved long term certifications, clinical internships for practitioners, clinical mentoring webinars, retreats, & workshops.

Mount Madonna Institute,
College of Ayurveda


MMI is a WASC accredited college located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking Monterey Bay. We offer online and onsite trainings, workshops and professional certificates in the classical science of Ayurveda, including Nama approved AHC and AP curriculums. MMI is especially unique in its offering of a Master’s Degree-Ayurveda. MMI also provides Ayurveda health consultations, bodywork & individualized herbal formulations through our Wellness Center.

+1 (888) 275-9103

Southern California University
of Health Science


Pursue your calling through Ayurveda at SCU. Learn how to heal the body, mind, and spirit by enrolling in one of our Ayurveda Certification Programs.  SCU is a premier educational institution for complementary and alternative medicine in the United States and was ranked #1 three years in a row by for “Best Colleges with Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda Degrees in the United States”.

+1 (562) 475-4604


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